1: Pain-Less Laser Hair Reduction:

No More Pain of Waxing,Get Rid of Unwanted Facial andsLaser Hair Reduction Body Hair with us Whereby over a series of Session the hair growth over the treatment area become sparse and very fine .

 2: CO2 Fractional Laser :

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-20 at 3.45.09 PMFor Scar Reduction, Skin-Tightening , Open- Pores Reduction of Stretch-marks and Reduction of Surgical Scans


3: Excisional CO2 Laser :

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-20 at 3.45.09 PM (2)It is a Blood-Less Surgery for Wart , Skin-tag & Mole Removal.


4. Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy:

plataletPlatelet Rich Plasma Therapy is being used for facial rejuvenation, anti-aeging,hair-fall and acne scars. This technology uses our own activated platelets for improving our skin quality as well as it is a very good service for hair -fall control.


5.Dermarollers for Acne Scar treatment :

Dermaroller is a roller with minute needles on it. After applying numming Dermarollerscream overface roller is rubbed in different directions over the scar area . It acts via breaking the skin bands which are pulling the scar beneath and by collagen stimulation which is the thickest layer of our skin.



6. Chemical Peels:

peel1Peeling for facial hyperpigmentation , acne,under- eye dark circles and skin thickening over various areas like nape of the neck, under arms, elbows.




7. Meso Therapy:

facial-mesotherapyMesotherapy for facial glow enhancement and rejuvenation.







8. Botox Treatment for Upper Face Wrinkles :

Botox Treatment for upper face wrinklesBotox is a purified protien derivative which in lower quantity relaxes.our facial muscles and hence helps in reduction of dynamic wrinkles. Dynamic  wrinkles are the one which we develop on facial expressions link forhead lines,frown and crows feet.


9. Filler Therapy Treatment

fillersFiller is an inert material containing hyaluronic which is the natural content of our skin. With age this gets depleted like over our cheeks and naso-labial folds hence creating a deeper naso-labial fold and sunken cheeks , hence with the help of fillers we can decrease naso-labial furrow and create volume in cheeks leading to youthfull appearence.

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